IT Consulting: The services we offer consist of consultancy and resourcing within IT. Our IT consultancy covers many areas, from networking and enterprise resource planning, to database management and virtualization and so on. The IT consulting services we offer mostly focuses upon software, technologies and processes that are aimed at making your business run more efficiently.

HR Consulting: Our human resources help does not just stop at filling your vacancies. We offer full HR consultancy services which are tailor made to suit your business needs. We specialize in IT human resources, but can help with all aspects including creating a fantastic HR strategy to get the most of your employees and colleagues.

Web Consulting: This also spans out to our web consulting. We can help you with everything from web design and development, to content writing and SEO. We can take all of the tough work out of starting up a website, by arranging the domain registration and web hosting for you.

Resourcing: Instead of hiring your own specialists, why not look at our resourcing services? We can help you place the best IT professionals into your company, so you always have an IT expert at hand.