L&G provides the expertise ERP consulting services that assist clients in selecting the right solution in order to achieve desired goals proficiently and cost-effectively. In short, we provide end to end services based on the client's needs and budgets with right solutions.

Most of the implementations failures are due to incorrect selection of ERP solution. We evaluate based on the clients business requirements, assess and provide the solution. A Project manager will be assigned to each project that will initially take all your requirements and will create a project plan and carries out status reviews frequently. Next develops and follows the project plan and will work actively on sorting if any issues arise. Then, Creation of Risk mitigation plans takes place and auditing of the Project. A report will be generated by auditing the project and will recommend the steps to be taken in order to run the project smoothly and efficiently.

At this phase, we will assess the schedule, cost-effectiveness and quality and their impact on our initial plans. Our Project manager will then suggest if any changes required in tools and specifications to reach business requirements goals.

Our ERP Consulting Services are,

Selection, Implementation, Organizational Change Management and ERP Benefits Realization, ERP Staffing, IT Strategy, ERP Expert Witness Testimony.